EE-65A.40T Full Rise Scissor Lift 4.0t

  • CE Certified
  • Delivery Included
  • Installation Included

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  • 4000KG lifting capacity
  • Above-ground or in-ground installation
  • 1930mm lifting height
  • 130mm initial height
  • Four-cylinder design
  • Pneumatic released safety locking system
  • Drive-on ramps lock into position as platform extensions
  • Steady raising and lowering, no noise when lowered to the ground
  • Durable cylinders with anti-surge valves
  • 24V safe control system
  • Height limit switch
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Self-lubricated bushing and bearing
  • Aluminum motor with fan on top to avoid overheating caused by long-time working
  • Proofed by dynamic test with 115% of rated capacity and static test with 150% capacity