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Whichever type of EAE lifts you have, you will be able to order spare parts via EAE UK warehouse and factory from China

Lift Spares

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EAE Automotive Equipment is one of the leading vehicle lift manufacturer in China, as the subsidiary company in UK, we, EAE UK stock various of lift spare parts from hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and rubber pads.

If you need help identifying a spare part, please email to with any information you have. 

This might include either an image, part description or dimensions. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible, providing you with formal quotation with leading time.

If you have a lift with serial number starts with EETP, EESP, EEFP, there is no doubt that it is one of the lifts we made.



Gear Pump

Hydraulic Valves and Connectors

Oil Hose




Limit Switch

Rubber Pads

Two Post pad 4t and 5t

Scissor lift pad block